Going to the movies with your baby in Vienna

Going to the movies is definitely one of the activities you miss the most after having a baby. Of course, you can see a movie at your place, but that popcorn smell, the taste of the soda, a hot dog and some nachos, give extra points to the experience when you are at a movie theater.

The memories are great, but you just know that you cannot come closer o a movie theater at least for the next 3 years if you are planning on going with your creature. Just imagine this: a hungry baby, uncomfortable, crying to unimaginable decibels and all disapproving looks aiming to a unique target: you. No thanks. What a nightmare!

The good news is that there are a couple of movie theaters in Vienna that offer special functions for the parents to go with their 0-12 month old babies. The volume is not as high, the theater is not completely dark so you are able to see your baby and take care of him/her if you need to, there are bottle warmers and there are changing tables in case you hear a bomb in surround system and it is not precisely part of the movie script.

Interested? There are the places to go:


Babykino – Votiv

Program: http://www.votivkino.at/f_1baby.htm

Tuesdays, 11am.

Währinger straße 12, 1090.

€: 7,50


Babykino – Lugner City

Program: http://www.lugnerkino.at/events-gewinnspiele/babykino/

Wednesdays, 11am

Gablenzgasse 3, 1150.

€: 5

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