Baby yoga in Vienna

Your baby can’t do the sun salutation yet, but you sure need some sort of activity to get your body back in shape, feel better, relax and do something fun with your non-walking baby.

There are several yoga studios in Vienna that also offer the possibility to go with your baby and excercise. I will tell you my experience with “Freiraum”, which is close to the city center and it also offers drop-in classes, which allow you to go whenever you want/can (pretty convenient now that you have to adapt to your babie’s constant changing schedule)

All you need is your baby, a blanket for your baby, confortable clothing, yourself and you are good to go! Freiraum provides the yogamats, enough stroller space and even tea!

There are two possibilites: baby yoga 1 (for babies between 6 weeks and 6 months) and baby yoga 2 (for babies between 6 months and 1 year) The exercises are smooth and concentrate on your back and belly, and the baby can sleep, crawl or hang to you while you do it. They have a box full of toys, and they put it right in the middle of the class room for the babies to play with while you try to do your thing. It’s also fun to watch them!

If you had natural birth, you can start as soon as 6 weeks after your baby arrival. If you had a C-section, you will have to wait 10 until you engage any physical activity.

Want to go?
Liechtensteinstraße 10A, 1090.
Time: click here to see the schedule
€: The trial is 18€ and the package of 10 classes is 120€. They give you yoga-coins, which you can use whenever you want.

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